Welcome to my website: The Environmental Journalist. My name is Elena van Doorn and I am a journalist and content producer, focusing on communicating environmental and social issues related to sustainable development, climate change and biodiversity conservation.

I love spending time outdoors: hiking, cycling, surfing and (free)diving. However, our natural environment is under threat. My background in journalism has made me committed to use my communication skills to report the underreported: air and ocean pollution, climate change, loss of biodiversity and working towards transforming our economy to non-harmful development for our environment and people.

But how? I am committed to helping organisations and companies tell their stories to connect with people. I use communication tools and strategy to help you reach more people, engage with your (potential) audience and build a relationship through knowledge-based content, which will increase your impact and contribute to you reaching your company’s goals.


Interested in working with me or want to find out how I can help you? Contact me below or find me on one of my social media channels (right column).

Please find my previous work experience and degrees in my Curriculum Vitae.