Video portfolio

Please find a selection of my produced, filmed and edited videos below. I love to tell your stories through video. Contact me if you would like me to promote your project or organisation through video content.

I produced, filmed and edited the following video as part of a Master’s course communicating climate change and sustainable development. In the video you hear freshwater researcher Jeremy Shelton about his project ‘Living Labs’.

Sportimpuls B.V. contributes to healthy communities within municipalities by making sports and exercise inclusive and accessible for everyone. I highlighted their approach for vulnerable youth in this video (in Dutch).

As part of a children’s news programme for a local TV-station, I produced a video report from Paramaribo, Surinam to showcase the differences and similarities between a day at school for kids in Surinam as well as the Netherlands.

In 2016 I produced a number of videos for a Non-Profit Organisation called Sustainable Coffee Bay (SCB). The NPO is located in Coffee Bay, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The videos were meant to help promote their projects (High School Scholarship Fund and Montessori pre-school) as well as the NPO itself. I was responsible for producing, conducting interviews, filming and editing of these productions.

Short Doc –  Sustainable Coffee Bay: 

Promo video Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Pre-school, Coffee Bay:

Promo video High School Scholarship Fund: 

During my stay in Coffee Bay I also filmed and edited two videos for Coffee Shack, a backpackers hostel.


I filmed the last tree planting day for a tree planting organisation, promoting green spaces for underprivileged areas, called Green Pop. The video was published on South African media platform News24.

A news production I produced with a co-worker for online broadcast station News24, in Cape Town, South Africa.

As part of an online dossier on the website I produced a video about urban beekeeping in Amsterdam. Maaike is retired and now a beekeeper for ILoveBeeing and Business for Bees. Please find the full article here.

Personal (home) videos: 

In my free time I enjoy making travel and sports related videos. For more videos check out my youtube channel.