Sustainable Coffee Bay: A heart for the community

In 2016 I had the privilege of staying in Coffee Bay in the Transkei for a while. While being here I used my video and journalism skills to help promote an NPO called Sustainable Coffee Bay. To learn more about this organisation please visit their website.

What I can say is that this organisation, this community and this landscape will forever have an impact on me. The plan is to revisit the Wild Coast this July (2017) and possibly spend some more time doing research in the area throughout 2018 (as I’m currently a Master student at University of Cape Town).

I wanted to share the productions that I made for both SCB and for Coffee Shack, the backpackers hostel that I was staying in.

Promo video Sustainable Coffee Bay:

Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori Pre-school, one of SCB’s projects: 

Another one of SCB’s project; finding funding and scholarschips for youngsters:

Promo video 5 Day Surf Package – Coffee Shack Backpackers: 

Promo video Coffee Shack Backpackers:

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